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Cold Weather Reporting Criteria

HIGHEST PRIORITY Items (important whether or not SKYWARN has been activated):
  • Any deaths or injuries associated with hazardous weather.
  • Damaging wind gusts of 58 mph or higher, whether or not accompanied by a thunderstorm.
  • If you are unsure of the speed, report any downed trees or power lines or structural damage to homes (e.g. slates off roof, antenna downed).
  • Flooding of streams and rivers onto roadways, homes or businesses.
  • Urban flooding significant enough to make roadways or underpasses impassable.
  • Two inches of rain within a twelve hour period.
  • One inch of rain in an hour in urban areas.
  • Heavy accumulation of ice which downs trees or power lines.
  • Ice jams on rivers or streams which produce flooding.
Other Priority Items:
  • Estimated wind gusts from 40-57 mph.
  • Freezing rain or sleet occurring when none is forecast.
  • A thunderstorm in progress when none is forecast.
  • Presence of rain when only frozen precipitation is forecast (sleet, snow, and/or freezing rain).
  • Rain or snowmelt which causes minor roadway flooding or flooding of streams.
  • Blowing or drifting snow which closes roadways.
  • Snowfall Reporting Criteria:
Please use the following criteria to report snowfall:
  • When snow accumulates 1 inch (especially if none is forecast).
  • When snow accumulates 3 inches (the NWS issues an advisory for 4 inches).
  • When snow accumulates 5 inches (the NWS issues a warning for 6 inches).
  • When snow accumulates 1 inch per hour.
  • Storm Total Snowfall

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