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Estimating Charts

Hail Size Estimates
Pea.25 inchesPenny.75 inches
Quarter1.00 inchHalf Dollar1.25 inches
Golf ball1.75 inchesTennis Ball2.50 inches
Baseball2.75 inchesGrapefruit4.00 inches

Wind Speed Estimates
Speed (MPH)Effects
25-31Large branches in motion; whistling in telephone wires
32-38Whole trees in motion
39-54Twigs break off of trees; wind impedes walking
55-72Damage to chimneys and TV antennas; pushes over shallow rooted trees
73-112Peels surface off roofs; windows broken; trailer houses overturned
113+ Roofs torn off houses; weak buildings and trailer houses destroyed; large trees uprooted

Fujita Damage Scale
F0Gale Tornado weak 40-72 mph
F1Moderate Tornado weak 73-112 mph
F2Significant Tornado strong 113-157 mph
F3Severe Tornado strong 158-206 mph
F4Devastating Tornado violent 207-318 mph
F5Incredible Tornado violent 261-318 mph

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