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ARRL NTS Radiogram Delivery Card Routine messages may be delivered by a phone call, e-mail, or by sending a copy of the radiogram on an official ARRL NTS Radiogram Delivery Card by mail. You may even hand deliver the message in person if you prefer. When delivery is via mail or in person, the message should be transferred to the delivery card for better readability by the recipient.

  • Handling Instructions

    Certain handling instructions request that the handling station report the date and time of delivery (TOD) back to the originating station. A message with handling instructions HXC, requests you to send a service reply to the originating station. After successful or unsuccessful delivery, you would generate a service reply to the originating station.

    For the return address, look up the originating station's call sign on QRZ.com. You should also try to look up the phone number to make the message easier to deliver. Some stations send out a lot of traffic, and some of the net regulars may be able to help you provide the return address and/or phone number for such stations.

  • Delivery success service message

    If you successfully deliver the message, You would then generate an ARL FORTY SEVEN reply message. The form of this message reads "Reference your message number ___ to ___ delivered on ___ at ___ UTC."

  • Delivery failure service message

    If the delivery is unsuccessful, You would generate an ARL SIXTY SEVEN service reply. In this example, You find out that the recipient is deceased and you would indicate silent key "SK" in the service message. Any other reason that the person was unreachable could be indicated as well, such as bad phone number or address.

    The form of ARL SIXTY SEVEN is "Your message number ___ undeliverable because of ___. Please advise."

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