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NTS logo       The National Traffic System (NTS) was designed to provide for the rapid movement of messages from the place of origin to its final destination and provide training for amateur radio operators to handle written traffic and participate in directed nets.

      The following are the standard net procedures for NTS traffic nets:
  1. The net control station (NCS) opens the net by initiating a callup at the designated net meeting time.

  2. Stations checking in indicate if they are a liaison station for other nets, their availability to take traffic, and finally the list of traffic they have to send, if any.

  3. Time-consuming pleasantries and comments are not proper procedure during the net.

  4. All net stations follow the direction of the NCS without question or comment if such directions are understood.

  5. Stations in the net do not secure their stations without being excused by the NCS and do not ask to be excused unless absolutely necessary. Net stations should participate in the net operations for at least 15 minutes and then be excused if there is no further traffic for their station.

  6. All nets also follow the general guidelines for net operation outlined in the ARRL Operating Manual.
      Any station of the appropriate class license for the frequency on which the net meets may join the net. However, knowledge of the net operating procedures and NTS radiogram format are encouraged.

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