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Hancock Auxcomm Team Upcoming Events

Club Activity Nights

We host club Activity Nights at the clubhouse in the Wells Building, located at 813 Washington Street, Suite 207, Newell, WV 26050. They are held on the last Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. local time. We will get together for projects, work parties, training and exercises. Each month's schedule will be discussed at club meetings prior to each event. At past Activity Nights, We have built antenna projects, learned soldering, discussed "Go Bags", hosted "Fox Hunts" and learned to program radios from the front panel and also with software. You do NOT need to be a club member or a licensed amateur radio operator to attend! All are welcome, Please join us! Come, Learn, Have Fun!

Winter Field Day 2022

We will once again be participating in the Winter Field Day operating event. The event runs from 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Saturday to 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Sunday on January 29th and 30th 2022. We will be setting up in the club house located at 813 Washington Street, Suite 207, Newell, WV 26050.

Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air

We will be working the Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air Special Event June 4th through June 19, 2022. The special event commemorates the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. The trail covers 4900 miles through 16 states. This includes the disembarkation from Camp Dubois and what is referred to as the Eastern Legacy. The event is sponsored by the Clark County Amateur Radio Club with support and participation from clubs in all 16 states along the historic trail.

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