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The World's Largest Teapot Special Event

      This event celebrates the Worlds Largest Teapot located in the pottery capital of the world. This is our 6th year and will be huge. We are setting up Special Event Stations all over the country, with seasoned operators from all call areas. Some of these operators were involved in the Last Man Standing Special Event. There will be several opportunities to work these Special Event Stations. There will be a certificate after the event denoting all the stations, including endorsements for the bonus stations, and clean sweep. The stations are W1T, K2T, W3T, W4T, W5T, W6T, W7T, W8T, W9T, W0T, and the bonus station is WV8HAT. The event runs August 8th 2022 0000UTC to August 14th 2359 UTC.

      Stations wanting the certificate should send their log sheet and a $3.00 donation to Hancock Auxcom Team, 813 Washington Street, Suite 207, Newell, WV 26050. We hope to start sending out certificates by October 1, 2022. Please send in logs by September 30, 2022.

      We will soon have information on the teapot added to this page and all of the Special Event Stations callsigns reflected on QRZ.com. Please do not send QSL cards to the operators for the teapot card. There will be no QSL cards this year, just the certificates.

      Operators will be eligible for the certificate by making 1 contact or all. Please get on the air and have fun. We hope this year is a great success and will continue with this large operation annually.

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