Home Page Hancock County ARES Events Schedule VE Sessions Teapot Day Special Event Teapot Day Log Sheet HAT Fest 2023 Training Schedule Skywarn Digital Communications JS8Call Packet Radio HAT Library HT Programming NTS Radiograms Hancock Auxcomm Team was established in 2018 and is an ARRL Affiliated club.

Hancock County A.R.E.S.

ARRL District 1 DEC - Justin Shaw (W8LPN)
ARRL Hancock County EC - Levi Anderson (KD8SKZ)

If you are interested in joining Hancock County ARES, complete an ARES registration form and either email it to KD8SKZ at WV8HAT.org or bring it to a club meeting. Dates and times are listed on the main webpage.

The following simplex frequencies were put in place by the WV ARES District 1 DEC to provide interopability in the district. We encourage any amateurs in this district to please program these frequencies into your radios and monitor them regularly. Our club uses these during special event operations for public service.

ARES 1              ARES 2              ARES 3               ARES 4
147.510 MHz     146.400 MHz      146.415 MHz      146.430 MHz     
71.9 PL              71.9 PL               71.9 PL               71.9 PL             
Mode: FM           Mode: FM           Mode: FM           Mode: FM          

ARES 5              ARES 6              ARES 7               ARES 8
445.500 MHz     445.750 MHz      446.250 MHz      446.500 MHz     
71.9 PL              71.9 PL               71.9 PL               71.9 PL             
Mode: FM           Mode: FM           Mode: FM           Mode: FM          

TAC 1                TAC 2                 TAC 3                   TAC 4
147.525 MHz     147.420 MHz      446.750 MHz       446.500 MHz
TS 1                   TS 1                   TS 1                     TS 1
CC 1                   CC 1                  CC 1                    CC 1
TG 99                 TG 99                 TG 99                  TG 99
Mode: DMR        Mode: DMR       Mode: DMR         Mode: DMR

Hancock Auxcomm Team ARES Net
Thursdays at 7:30 PM
W8LPN Repeater 146.670 MHz -600 KHz Input 162.2 Hz CTCSS
Alternate Frequency (ARES 1) Simplex 147.510 MHz 71.9 Hz CTCSS
Please join us.

     The last Thursday Net of each month is designated as Emergency Power/Simplex Night. The net will be held on the ARES-1 Simplex Frequency (147.510 MHz 71.9 Hz CTCSS). All amateurs are encouraged to check into the net and indicate if they are on emergency or commercial power. All those that can use emergency power are encouraged to do so, but all stations are welcome. Additional time will be provided during the net for stations who wish to conduct tests using alternative power sources or antennas. A Simplex Station Reception Report may be downloaded and used to help you determine simplex paths to other stations in the local area during emergencies. This is a great tool to have handy if the repeater fails. It will show you which stations you can contact directly, which stations need a relay and the call signs of the relay stations you can both copy. The directions for use are included on the form.

You can download an Emergency Information Reference Form and keep it at you station to quickly locate important phone numbers and frequencies. You can also add numbers for poison control and Hamshack Hotline extensions. Other important reference materials and forms can be downloaded below and kept with your "Go Bag". Both electronic and printed copies should be available at your station for immediate use.

      ARES Manual       NIMS ICS Forms       NIFOG V2.01            AUXFOG V1.1            ARES Field Resource Manual            ARRL Radiogram

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